3 Tier Wedding Cake

I’d hired a stand to put this cake as it was going to London and I wasn’t going to be able to put it together, but it looked to sparse. Luckily I had cake dowels so it could be stacked, had no idea what it was going to look like as usually you use small thin boards between the layers. The wedding DJ said it was the best tasting wedding cake he’d had and he’d had a few!

Spiderman Birthday Cake

This was my friends 6 years old boys cake (to make up for Roary). It was a lot quicker to make than some of the other cakes, I’d just started college and started some basic piping. I wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for the course. Black on red would have put me off, you do have to get it right first time.

Monster Cake

I made this from Carol Deacons Party Cakes. It was the first 3d cake I made for the boys 8th birthday. I added plain chocolate to give the monster more texture.

Cat Litter Tray Cake

This is what the children chose instead of the halo cake.

It’s based on an American Halloween idea, but living in England and not wanting to make the cake from packets had to find equivalent ingredients. I made a chocolate 8 inch round chocolate cake and a 8 inch round Madeira cake to crumble for the base and used a patisserie creme (from Asda) to bind the cake crumbs. Custard cremes smashed on top, and sugar paste kitten droppings, the runny ones were chocolate icing.

Our cat had just had a litter of kittens and my partner showed all the children the kittens first before presenting them with the cake. They really were’t sure if they wanted to eat it. It actually tasted quite nice!

I only used half of each cake, the remaining cake together and made it a checked effect filled and covered in chocolate sour cream icing.

Roary the Racing Car Cake

Roary the Racing Car, I made this for my friends little boy when he was five. They picked the cake up on the way to the party, arrived at the place where the staff took the cake and started the party by serving the cake first! So the poor Birthday boy saw his cake briefly in the car.

Fairy Cake

I made this for my friends eight year old girl, the little mushrooms around the edge are the candle holders. It was all edible except for the cocktail stick in the wand. I made each stand of hair individually. I had never used Royal Icing before, I used some to make the wings. I’ve practiced quite a bit since then.

Ood Cake

My boys loved this cake and took a picture of it to school with them when they were ten. They didn’t want to cut into it. I wanted to make an unusual Dr Who Cake and found a really small sticker of a evil Ood to work from. One evil Ood cake with translator device!

I Love Cake

My name is Catherine and I live with my family in Poole, Dorset.

I used to help my Granny make scones, yeast buns and Cornish Pasties when I was little. My Mum would let me make fairy cakes on my own, as long as I cleaned up afterwards. I started making cakes with my best friend, in the evening when the kids had gone to bed, as we really liked cake!

I decided to try and make Birthday cakes for my children. Then family and friends as I learnt more. I really enjoyed creating these cakes, especially for the children’s reactions.

I learnt how to make and decorate cakes from reading books and trial and error. My children last year asked for a  halo helmet cake, I didn’t think I could do it. Which annoyed me, as it was the first time I couldn’t make the cake they wanted, so I have enrolled in College to learn Sugarcraft, so I can make them the halo cake!

All the cakes I have added are made before I started college.

This site is not related to The Dorset Cake Co in Weymouth.

Mickey Cake

I really enjoyed making this Mickey Mouse Cake. It was for my daughters first Birthday. She has a soft Mickey Mouse cuddly toy, I used it to look at while I carved the cake to shape. The black nose is the only solid bit of sugar paste.