Holly Christmas Cake is finished!

royal icing run out over piping bulbsRoyal icing run out over piping bulbs

It’s finally finished, this is my Sugarcraft ABC level 1, Ist Royal Icing Cake. I really enjoyed making this cake I had never tried to use Royal icing before and never would have if I hadn’t gone to college. I didn’t like royal icing and thought it was a bit old fashioned and hated fruit cake. I have changed my mind! Royal Icing is brilliant to work with and the real Chrismas cakes tasted amazing, really moist and boozy with a generous amount of marzipan.

I didn’t realise quite how much planning would be involved in designing the cake. The holly sprigs are run outs, i used a template to position them correctly, I have piped bulbs around the top which have been over piped, I used a template to create the central line on the side, piped the holly leaves free hand snd added small bulbs in white, they were meant to be shells around the bottom but technically these aren’t quite right they should be fuller and piped ‘deck the halls with boughs of holly’.

Holly cake

This isn’t finished yet. This is my college cake, I have to add some more piping and lettering to show various skills. I thought run outs look like stained glass, so found a free pattern site on line ( www.free-stainedglasspatterns.com ) and simplified it a bit so I could make six individual pieces. The strong colour made the structure of the run outs weaker and they broke really easily. But that’s why I go to college to find out how to fix the problems.

snowflake cake number three

Christmas cake

This was our cake, its the wonkiest of the lot, as it was the first one I put marzipan on. I didn’t consider real cakes are not the same as the polystyrene dummies. It took much longer than I thought to get a good covering of flat icing. Next year I would like to finish before Christmas Eve!