Peppa Pig Cake 2

peppa cake peppa pig jumping in muddy puddles cake

This is my second Peppa Pig Cake, I made it for my daughters best friend.

I remembered to save some white icing for the eyes this time and the overall finish of the cake is better than the first. It came out bigger than I was expecting as I realised it is constructed differently.

And the feet are the right way round this time!

Pole Dancer Cake

debbie brown pole dancer cake

My little brother requested a pole dancer cake for his birthday. So I made a Debbie Brown Pole Dancer Cake.

I wasn’t entirely pleased with the cake as the model pieces took much longer to dry than I thought, the arms were a nightmare to keep in position whilst the sugar glue was drying and the original hand I made to hold the pole crumbled, the leg also broke into three pieces. It was also hard to get the skirt, legs, arms in proportion. I would use a cutter for the stage decoration if I ever make another pole dancer cake

Retro Wolverine Cake

60's wolverine blue cartoonretro 60's blue cartoon wolverine cakeretro 60's blue cartoon wolverine

This is my partner’s 30th Birthday Cake, he wanted a retro cartoon wolverine cake, that is why it is blue. The carved cake could have been turned into golem, yoda, spock, batman or wolverine!