Mermaid Cake

marzipan model, under the sea, diver
marzipan model, under the sea
marzipan model, under the sea, diver

This is my sugarpaste ABC level 1 cake, I had to include crimping and embossing techniques. I also had to make a model from Marzipan. I didn’t want to make just a round cake with a model plonked on top. I wanted the model to look like part of the cake. I’m really pleased with how this cake turned out.

We have an exhibition at college in June of everyones work from all the sugarcraft courses.

Square Royal Icing Mother’s Day Cake

Today was the last day of my course and I got all my cakes finished! It’s really sad this course is over, I have met some lovely people, I will really miss them and Thursday afternoons at college. I have got to try techniques I would not have attempted otherwise. Thank you, to our wonderful lecturer Ginny.

This cake has turned out much better than I expected, I had to certain criteria to fulfill over two Royal Iced cakes, so anything that was not on the first cake (Holly Cake) had to demonstrated on the second. I had c scrolls, s scrolls, over piping, run out letters, flowers, stencils, 321 line work, rope and barrels left. I thought this cake was going to be horrible! But it’s not.

I designed it for my Mum as she likes daffodils or at least I think she does, as we used to get her daffodils on Mother’s Day.