Call of Duty Black Ops Cake, Prestige Badge 15

This was the other design for a black ops cake based on the prestige badges, I told the boys prestige 15 was to difficult, so it really was a surprise when they got two cakes. I don’t normally make a cake each, but it’s not every day you turn 13! I was really pleased with this COD cake and now want to make all the badges in the same way. I was going to shape the cake the same as the other black ops cake, but it would have been tiny.

Royal Iced Birthday Cake with Roses

This is a real cake rather than a dummy, I have discovered it’s not as easy to cover the real thing with Royal Icing!
The runouts I made broke and I had made a lot extra, when I went to scribe the writing onto the cake it cracked the surface, so had to be re-coated with icing. I had to do the lettering free hand in the end not ideal. I learnt how to make the roses (not quite like Eddie Spence’s but not too bad for a first attempt) and piping straight onto the cake with that deep red very, very scary. I must remember it takes ages when I do Royal Icing and to allow longer between coats to dry and let the marzipan dry out longer as well.