Graffii Cake

I managed to become a graffiti artist!
I found a website where you can make your own graffiti, that really helped, as my attempts weren’t very good. Everything started to go wrong with this cake, I couldn’t hire the tin I wanted, I forgot to buy the ribbon, it’s half term, so the children are home, etc. I was quite pleased with the finished result and so was the birthday boy.

Royal Icing Christmas Collar Cake

Christmas Collar Cake

Royal Icing

I have finished my sectioned collar cake today. I started this well before Christmas, everybody wants Christmas Cakes in February, just as well it’s a dummy cake for college. This cake made me cry, I haven’t cried over a cake in ages. The tree fell off as I was putting it in the box, luckily it didn’t break but need to fix a present and bow on the collar. I hadn’t thought about the final cake design in ages, I just concentrated on making the component parts my design required. It was really exciting to put it all together and it looks much better than I was expecting.

Chocolate Cupcakes

I have tried to make cupcakes before and they didn’t ever look as nice as I hoped. I went to the sugarcraft club and there was a have a go demonstration for decorating cupcakes. I have made these for Grandpa, these were my first attempts. I had to make more chocolate cupcakes as they are delicious! I also made carrot cake cupcakes, but forgot to take any pictures, they disappeared very quickly.