Cat Litter Tray Cake

It’s based on an American Halloween idea, but living in England and not wanting to make the cake from packets had to find equivalent ingredients. I made a chocolate 8 inch round chocolate cake and a 8 inch round Madeira cake to crumble for the base and used a patisserie creme (from Asda) to bind the cake crumbs. Custard cremes smashed on top, and sugar paste kitten droppings, the runny ones were chocolate icing.

Our cat had just had a litter of kittens and my partner showed all the children the kittens first before presenting them with the cake. They really were’t sure if they wanted to eat it. It actually tasted quite nice!

I only used half of each cake, the remaining cake together and made it a checked effect filled and covered in chocolate sour cream icing.

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